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I'd like to thank Julie from the bottom of my heart for the support and coaching she has given me during the past twelve weeks, I've been through some tough challenges, Julie has been patient, compassionate and understanding providing me with the tools and resources to address these areas. I have come out of this journey feeling more resilient, at peace and a better understanding of myself.


With Julie I felt safe, heard, guided and gently directed. She is wonderful and understanding. Her sessions were honest, humorous and helpful. Julie guided me to make positive, fearless changes which have given me positive clarity moving forward. Thank you for everything.


I'm so grateful to you for the time and space you gave me at a really difficult time. To have someone who could truly understand that some things in life leave unseen scars and that recovery from traumatic experiences, whether domestic or professional, takes time and care.

Julie created a safe space for me to release old emotions whilst gently guiding me back to the coaching for positive change. She has a great toolkit of techniques to use and to embody, which I have become increasingly adept at using and will continue to use.


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