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of UK women currently feel, or have been, fatigued or 'burned out' by life



of UK women feel conflicted balancing their home life with work



of employed UK women take time off work because of domestic abuse

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This is why we do what we do..


A word from Julie Randall | Enlivened Founder

Hello, my name is Julie, I'm a coach, businesswoman, partner, daughter, mother, grandmother and friend.

Knowing what you're going through
I know what it's like to feel undervalued, alone, anxious, scared, ashamed, uncertain, burnt out, overwhelmed and disempowered, whilst struggling to keep all the plates of life spinning regardless of what's going on around you.

My Vision for Enlivened
I wanted to create a safe place where businesswomen can network with like-minded women, create friendships, celebrate the sisterhood of women, have fun, give and gain support, be heard without being judged, receive 1-2-1 coaching, advice and experience personal growth.

Enlivened is this place.

We are proud to be supported by, and working with:


Every woman is individual. Like our support.

Whether you need help to balance your home & work-life better, replenish & rejuvenate after burnout, or recuperate & rise after a toxic relationship or domestic abuse, our coaching will help you.

Gain confidence and strategies to create new beliefs and patterns of behaviour; set boundaries, take back control, and move forward sustainably, to live the life you choose, on your terms.

Female Empowerment

Take back control of your life.

UK women are 60% more likely to suffer from stress and burnout. One in four women will be diagnosed with depression. The gender pay gap is the highest it's been in 20 years and women are less happy than they were 40 years ago. This is regardless of age, income, family, marital status and location.

So, how does a woman who wants to take back control of her life, and live life to the full, do that in a way which also allows her to sustainably be healthy, happy, fulfilled and successful?

Toxic relationships & domestic abuse

We have relationships in all areas of our lives and sometimes they can have ups and downs. If you feel there are more downs than ups and you're unhappy, then it's time to assess whether this is the relationship for you.

Your relationship may simply not be working, giving you what you need, or maybe things are worse? If you are struggling to live with the effects of a toxic or abusive relationship, we can help you.

If you are in imminent danger, call 999 immediately.



Networking & Education

Meet like-minded business women.

Our networking events and seminars provide a supportive, empowering environment where businesswomen can meet like-minded women, are respected, know their opinions matter, voices are heard, create strong relationships, gain personal development, and have fun.

Support Groups

Find a friendly, confidential, and safe place.

Our support group 'Enlivened Circle' provides a friendly, understanding, confidential safe place for women coping with toxic or abusive relationships.

We also support women who grew up in an abusive home, and those supporting family, friends, or colleagues living with or dealing with the effects of domestic abuse or violence.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I'd like to thank Julie from the bottom of my heart for the support and coaching she has given me during the past twelve weeks, I've been through some tough challenges, Julie has been patient, compassionate and understanding providing me with the tools and resources to address these areas. I have come out of this journey feeling more resilient, at peace and a better understanding of myself.


With Julie I felt safe, heard, guided and gently directed. She is wonderful and understanding. Her sessions were honest, humorous and helpful. Julie guided me to make positive, fearless changes which have given me positive clarity moving forward. Thank you for everything.


I'm so grateful to you for the time and space you gave me at a really difficult time. To have someone who could truly understand that some things in life leave unseen scars and that recovery from traumatic experiences, whether domestic or professional, takes time and care.

Julie created a safe space for me to release old emotions whilst gently guiding me back to the coaching for positive change. She has a great toolkit of techniques to use and to embody, which I have become increasingly adept at using and will continue to use.


Enlivened is Confidential

For your safety, all our services are completely confidential.


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